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As the church and body of Christ, we are called to minister the gospel to those far and near. So how in today’s world do we effectively fulfill the Great Commission? In this track, we will explore the impact of missions on our youth and the world and practical insights on how to influence the sphere God has given you.

Denny Mathews

COO, United World Mission

Track Topic Description

Why Missions? Navigating Global Missions in 2019 and Beyond!

The world is changing at breakneck speed. The call for Missions is still the same as in the first century. However, the means and methods need to be relevant and contextualized for these times. Why is Global Missions still the heart of God? How can the Church in America respond to this call? What can it do to strengthen the Global Church as it fulfills the call of Missions? Denny Mathews will share from the Word, his experience and provide his perspective on Global Missions.

Ted Esler

President, Missio Nexus

Track Topic Description

Resurrecting Mission

In the past 25 years, the Great Commission has fallen on hard times. Some argue that it is a colonial, last century movement that needs to die. Others see new paradigms displacing old, creating a new missionary vision. In this session, Ted Esler will describe the deconstruction of mission paradigms, the narrative that defines today’s understanding of mission in most churches and offer an ancient vision which transcends post-modernism.

Michelle Atwell

US Director, SEND International

Track Topic Description

Churches and Mission Agencies: Allies not Adversaries in the Great Commission

With nearly 3 billion people still unreached with the gospel, the mission of the Church to carry out the Great Commission is just as important today as it was when Paul and Barnabas were sent out by the Antioch church on their first missionary journey.  But in our hyper-individualized, resource-rich, competitive culture in North America, we have forgotten that God has raised up both the local church and the body of Christ within mission agencies to work together as allies, not adversaries, in penetrating the areas of the world where Christ has not been proclaimed. This workshop will focus on ways that the church can be inspired towards global missions, equipped to do the work and coached in sending well.

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