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Calling all leaders! If you’re in leadership, ministry staff or are a volunteer, emerging leader or an innovator in a community, this track is for you! This year we will help you learn practical insights on communicating vision, establishing clarity, managing your time, investing in people and creating a culture of excellence. Come hear from various influential leaders and strike up conversations with other like-minded attendees at Collyde Summit 2019!

Stephen Brewster

Creative Leadership Consultant

Track Topic Description

The 12 Things Fearless Leaders Do to Stay Healthy

Are you a healthy leader? Do you want to be a healthy leader that creates a team that thrives? Every good leader fears they are not fighting for health in their leadership. In this session, Stephen will unpack the 12 things that fearless leaders practically execute against to stay in the posture of healthy leadership. Are you ready to lead healthy?

Jenni Catron

Writer, Speaker & Leadership Expert

Track Topic Description

Strategic Shifts Every Leader Needs to Make to Think Differently and Lead Better

Why do some leaders scale and grow with their organizations while others flounder or flame out? How can some leaders grow from managing a small team to overseeing hundreds of employees and volunteers? What do these leaders do differently at critical moments? In an era of urgency and expediency, there is little room for leaders to develop the wisdom that is only gleaned through time and experience. Today’s leaders are plagued by urgency and unrealistic expectations for immediate impact. This session will equip you with the critical perspective shifts you must embrace to think differently and continually be lifting the lid on your leadership capacity.

Mandy Arioto

CEO, MOPS International

Track Topic Description

Why Great Leaders Break the Rules

Discover the three most effective but unconventional things that phenomenal leaders do to get unstuck, prioritize their time, and do work they love, all without working constantly, becoming burned out or sacrificing their families.

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