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Churches, no matter how big or small, display predictable patterns of organizational behavior. Effective church leaders must become adept at recognizing the various stages of the church life cycle, ensuring that the local church continues to stay internally healthy and externally relevant.

Randy Seitz

CEO, Blueline

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Sticky Space

Is your church building as welcoming as your people? Are people comfortable “sticking around” and getting to know one another? It’s hard to see our church buildings the way they appear to guests or those returning to church after years away. Discover the techniques hotels, restaurants and stores employ to invite people in. Session will explore in-depth how accessibility, way-finding, furnishings and comfortable circulation put people at ease and invite them connect with one another.

Jon Bennett

Senior Generosity Consultant, Generis

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The Three Key Ingredients for an Effective Generosity Action Plan

Every Church needs a strategic action plan to develop generous people to fulfill their mission.  We believe there are three key ingredients to developing a culture of generosity that grows people, fulfills vision and more importantly does not focus on talking about money every Sunday!  We invite you to join a collaborative session where we will unpack those three key ingredients together and learn to build an effective culture of generosity where people go “all in” with your Church’s vision!

Dr. David Schroeder

President, Pillar College

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Walking in Your Anointing for the Next Generation

In 1 John 2:12-14, the elderly Apostle John addresses “little children,” “young men,” and “fathers” to tell them they have an anointing (verses 20, 26 and 27). These three spiritual generations of believers  are evident in all churches today. The least mature have overcome the penalty of sin, but not its attraction. The “young men” have overcome the power of sin because they live under the authority of God’s Word. The “fathers” in the faith have developed a deep intimacy with their heavenly Father. As leaders, we can minister to all of them as we learn to walk our own anointing.

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