As the church and body of Christ, we are called to minister the gospel to those far and near. So how in today’s world do we effectively fulfill the Great Commission? In this track, we will explore the impact of missions on our youth and the world and practical insights on how to influence the sphere God has given you.



Rusty Funk

National Director of Team World Vision

Flipping Our View of Traditional Missions


Jesus is revealed when we turn things upside-down, when we ask why, when we look at things from a different angle and take on a posture of listening and learning. I am by no means an expert in youth and missions, but God continues to flip my views through unique missions experiences that challenge my perspective and shatter my previous assumptions. I will share a couple of these stories with you, in hopes that you might hold loosely your view on missions and begin to let God creatively wreck them.


Jesse Kroeze

Executive Director, Touch the World

Short Term Missions: Toxic or Transforming?


Short-term mission is something almost every youth group and church is involved in but have we stopped to consider what impact these trips have? Some studies say there is little transformation in the lives of youth that are involved in missions and that the trips can do more harm than good to the local community they are serving. Are these efforts just a waste of money that would be better spent by being sent directly to missionaries on the field? Explore whether short-term missions can really be an effective tool to transform the lives of youth and make a difference in the lives of those they go to serve.


Dr. Stanley John

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies, Alliance Theological Seminary

Missions in an Era of World Christianity


We are witnessing the stupendous growth and spread of Christianity globally. Today there are more Christians in Asia, Africa and Latin America than in the Western world. How does this growth impact and shape mission in the 21st century? You will hear about the current demographics of where the church is growing, the challenges facing the church in the West with rise of the religious nones, and the impact of global migration on the church’s mission.







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