If the topic of Justice moves your heart, then this track is for you! In this track, you’ll be hearing from a variety of speakers who have, like Jesus, felt an active call to restore. Pleading the case for the the poor, marginalized and orphaned, they reflect God’s love in how their hearts break and they take action. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hear from inspiring leaders connecting to great organizations!



Vanessa Johnson

Director of Women’s Initiatives, Mission of Hope Haiti

Making an Impact, One Life at a Time


God created us to live a life that makes an impact. Regardless of country or cultural background, we all have a desire to live a life that makes a difference. We will dive into God’s word and look at three Biblical principles taught to us by Jesus that will change our lives and those around us. The call is before us, the question is are we willing to answer the call to Engage, Embrace and Equip?


Chris Marlow

CEO & Founder, Help One Now

Doing Good is Simple – For You and Those You Lead


Do you personally feel trapped by busy schedules? Over-whelmed at how to lead your people in mission? Over-committed? Kind of like you’re doing tasks for God or leading your people to do tasks for God, but not exactly doing a lot of good? Ever ponder the thought of “am I” or “can I” or “is my congregation” even making a difference in the world? Chris Marlow, founder of the global advocacy organization Help One Now, once found himself asking these questions and felt paralyzed in the face of global problems. They seemed too numerous, too complicated, too big – BUT a wake-up call in Zimbabwe featuring an orphaned boy and a closer study of Scripture soon showed Chris that maybe we are overcomplicating how to act justly in a broken world. As Chris discovered and actively leads others to discover, you don’t have to feel trapped or over committed. You can become a powerful force for good, you and those you are leading can make a difference – and it can actually be…SIMPLE!

Spoiler alert: Moving overseas, burdening your overwhelmed congregations, selling all your earthly possessions, or giving up the comforts of modern life are NOT a requirement. Join Chris as he explains how to do good, do good well, and do good together.


Ashish Pushkaran

President, Partners India

Redefining Missional Endeavors in Reaching Indians


Of the 3.2 million Indian Americans in our county, 51 percent are Hindus and, according to the Pew Research Institute, those numbers are poised to double over the next decade. It is also estimated that by 2023, India will be the world’s most populous nation, and by 2025, nearly half of its population will be under the age of 25. Without a doubt, there is a huge mission field to these people; both here in America as well as in India where persecution is on the rise. With more than 12 years of experience in pioneer church planting throughout India, Ashish Pushkaran will present how we can reach these unreached people, many of whom view Christianity as a Western religion. Consequently, it is critical for us to present Christ to them in a culturally relevant way without compromising the central message of the gospel. Sadhu Sunder Singh converted from Sikh to Christianity after his personal experience with Jesus. “You have offered us Christianity in a Western cup,” he famously remarked. “Give it to us in an Eastern bowl and we will drink of it”







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